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In the last section, I talked about LOL Elementary School. Because of the storms of the next few days, I couldn’t drink hot water in the blind bedroom. So the smuggled goods went to the fire man in the middle of the night, and then stole into the dormitory to boil water. However, when they had enough to eat, they forgot to send the fire man back.

1. Find someone:

(Continue to the above) After waking up in the Jianmo dormitory, I found that the fire man was gone, and there was still a stick in the dormitory room. This stick was just after the troll knocked on the stunned man and fell.

109 bedroom: Sword Devil, Victor, Fire Man, Ritz, Kenan, Nightmare

Ritz: Big Brother II, although I have been quarreling with the fire man, but now he is gone, I have to go to him.

Victor: Is this still used? The third child must have gone to the troll bedroom.

Ritz: So how did he go?

Sword Demon: It's not clear yet, but let's go to the troll's bedroom and see if the fire man is not there.

Ritz: What are you waiting for, go now.

So, the sword demon came to the bedroom of the nephew 101 with the brothers in the bedroom.

101 bedroom: blind, yasso, wine barrel, troll, mouse, Panson


2. Reasoning:

When everyone came to 101, they found that the fire man was lying on the ground, and he also put a wok on his body, and the water inside was boiling.

Victor: The third child is really here, but he is lying on the ground doing dry?

After that, Victor had called the fire man in the past and shouted for a long time before the fire man woke up.

Victor: The third child, are you here?

Fire Man: I don't know. In the middle of the night, I woke up, and then I don't remember. Now it hurts.

Victor: You get up first.


























Sword Demon: Old 5, did you plan to learn to paint last time, and bought a lot of big white paper?

Kenan: What?

Sword Demon: Go and bring them, put them on white paper, then let's go back and make a wreath.

Kenan: Lying in the trough, big brother, do you want to give a few memorial services to the nephew?

Sword Demon: Yes, when you call other dormitories, you will chase the scorpion and give him super.


5. Preparation:

After listening to everyone, I was deeply impressed by the sword.

Fire Man: Big Brother, you are so convinced that you can avenge me.

Sword Demon: The good play is still behind, let's go back and prepare!

After 30 minutes, Kenan covered the scorpion with a large white paper and revealed a head.

Then, the sword devil made a big wreath and placed it in front. Ritz also used paper to draw some charms and scattered around.

Then, the nightmare found a broken iron bucket, slowly knocking on the side, a few of the scorpions because they slept too late, but also drank a lot of wine, so did not wake up here.

At this point, the dog's head came out to breathe. When I saw it, I walked over.

Dog head: lying, what are you doing? How did the scorpion lie here?

Sword Demon: Brother, after half an hour, we will give a few memorial meetings to the nephews. Everyone and classmates will come.

The dog head was shocked when he heard it.

Dog head: lying in the trough, this thing can not be delayed, I am going to call people.


6, memorial service:

After that, the dog's head went back and called people, and called the entire floor.

Card: How does the TM scorpion go? Was it not good yesterday?

Male gun: It’s really a waste of time.

xxAt this point, Ritz scattered some magical symbols to the sky, and then the nightmare was knocking on the iron bucket, and a sad atmosphere was set off.

Tsar: How did the scorpion bedroom disappear? Look at this one lying down, orderly.

De Lavin: Full of alcohol, but fortunately not a starving ghost.

Just when everyone was silent, Hammer suddenly went up and took out the hook.

The sword demon saw this place immediately to stop.

Sword Magic: What are you doing?

Hammer Stone: Anyway, the group is gone. I will collect the souls of the scorpions and the sorrows. It is also a death.

Sword Demon: Brother, the soul is free, let us mourn first.

Hammer stone: Hey, don't let it?

Sword Demon: It is not forbidden to accept, it is not acceptable.

Just when everyone was still talking about it, the blind man woke up and opened his eyes.

Blind: What are you doing? so many people.

Everyone heard this and they were shocked.

Dog head: lying in the trough, scams.

Blindness: Fried Nima, who is dead?

After that, the blind man jumped up and then woke up both Yasuo and the barrel.

Blindness: Where does this special wreath come from?

Dog head: I will give you a memorial service.

Blind scorpion: Rolling the scorpion, who will die will not die, go to Nima.

After that, the blind and the sorrow directly tore the wreath and the white paper.

Blind: Both give labor, TMD.

Yasuo: Big Brother, we have been sleeping for a few days, and I have been going to the memorial service.

Blind: How do I know? Tell you to drink less, you just don't listen.

Yasuo: Big Brother, aren't you always pouring me wine?